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November 2nd, 2011 by cgerber

You know what the worst part about doing interviews is? Second guessing everything you said once the interview is finished. Going over it in your head or on paper thinking “I could have done this better, I could have done that better”, ect. It’s pretty frustrating if you’re a little bit of a perfectionist. Then of course you have to sift through the close friends and family who critique everything you said as if you were talking to them in your interview lol.

Carl: “you said in that one part how you went on a fishing trip to Alaska last summer, that wasn’t a fishing trip, that was a whale watching trip!”

Me: “I know, I realized that after the interview was over, but I was trying to answer questions and not sound like a total idiot so I must have mixed things up”.

Carl: “Or the one part where it asked who your musical influence was, you said Queen where I know for a fact it was uncle Ted cause he played the gut bucket for you when you were a kid!”

Me: “I told you uncle Ted was one of my musical influences cause he’s your Dad, and yes he did a little, but I was doing an interview for a rock music magazine and they wanted to know what influences the ROCK MUSIC I’m apart of, which is Queen, and a thousand other bands I simply didn’t have time to list”.

Carl: “Well… you’re forgetting who you are.”

Oh the fun. Luckily I haven’t had too many of those confusing conversations, but people close do seem to forget the separation between entertainment and family. I mean, I’m not going to talk about hemorrhoid cream or Christmas family traditions in an interview, I have no desire to be a Kardashian or any other stupid reality person. It’s all about the music, and maybe a little side info on the artists… but get back to the music :)

This past week was nuts. A lot of fun, but totally crazy. I had a family wedding to attend in town and people were flying in from AL, TN, KT, MT, and ME. On top of that it was Halloween weekend, Heights Alliance album stuff, Suicide Denial biz, and a dog with a recently removed tumor wearing a jacket. Still everyone had a blast. The dance party at the wedding was really fun, and I ate chocolate till I was sick. Everyone has been sent off now, so after I recover from little sleep over the past 2 weeks technically, I’m going to hammer out some cool Suicide Denial stuff and release this folk record. I just talked to 2012 actually and the mixes will be done tomorrow!

Lastly but not least…..ly, an interview (yes some of my rant from above has come from this interview) is out in a unique magazine called Enoch Magazine. I’m really enjoying the varied press outlets covering the band this year. It’s very interesting to me. Anyway, I most likely sound like an idiot in the interview, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it and maybe pass it around. Chad Gerber Enoch Magazine Interview
Chad Gerber

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